Oil Changes

When And Why Does My Car Need An Oil Change?

Routine maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your BMW car or SAV running strong. One of the regular maintenance items that are on your car's list is the humble oil change. While this easy maintenance issue takes a small amount of time and money to fix, leaving it unchanged can be catastrophic for your vehicle's engine.

Why is an Oil Change so Important?

Your engine's oil is like the lifeblood of your vehicle. It runs through your engine, providing it with much-needed lubrication to keep it running smoothly. The oil also helps to cool and clean your engine. Because of all of this hard work, the oil will become dirty, too thin, or sludgy over time. If left unchanged, the engine will suffer a much larger and more expensive repair.

Four Signs That Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Your BMW vehicle will let you know when it's time for an oil change. Here are four red flags that indicate an oil change is necessary.

  1. Oil Change Light Is On - Most newer cars will alert you with a "change your oil" light right on your dash. Look in your owner's manual to get a better idea of what this light will look like.
  2. It's Been A While Since Your Last Oil Change - It's recommended to have your oil changed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, depending on your car, the model year, and how often you drive. If it's been a while since your last oil change, you'll want to check the oil to make sure it's still in good working order.
  3. The Oil Is Black And Gritty - New oil should look like the color of honey but will change to a darker color as time progresses. When you check your oil, and it's dark, that's not necessarily an issue. If it's black and seems to have pieces of debris inside, then the oil needs to be changed.
  4. The Oil Is Low - If, when you check your oil, it's lower than the fill mark, you'll want to have it changed and inspected for leaks.

How to Get an Oil Change

While you can DIY an oil change at your Columbus GA area home, our service center is available to every LaGrange GA, Phoenix City, Opelika, Auburn AL, or beyond driver.

  • Schedule an Appointment Online - Our online service scheduler is available 24/7 and can be accessed through any internet-capable device. It takes less than five minutes to input your information, choose the date and time that works best for you, and schedule your service appointment.
  • Call Our Service Center - If you'd prefer to talk to one of our team members, we'd gladly help you. Contact our service center by phone, and our technicians will set up an appointment for you.
  • Use Our Walk-In Service - We also have the capability for walk-ins. If you have the time, drive to our Columbus GA dealership, and we'll see if we can fit you right in.

Contact Our Service Center For More Information

If you have more questions about your vehicle service or oil changes, we recommend contacting our BMW of Columbus dealership. Our team would love to answer your questions, help you schedule an auto repair appointment, and get your car safely back out on the road today!

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