Keeping your BMW running well is important for your safety and convenience, and our technicians at BMW of Columbus in the Opelika area are ready to get the job done for you.

Routine maintenance is an essential step in caring for your BMW, ensuring longevity and protecting its value. BMW of Columbus makes it easy for our customers in Auburn, AL to keep up with their vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule.

What Is Routine BMW Maintenance?

BMW vehicles are engineered with high-quality components that each play a vital role in performance, the overall driver experience, safety, and other critical factors. These are durable parts, but they will eventually wear out as you continue to drive your BMW through LaGrange, GA and beyond each day.

Additionally, fluids may become dirty or depleted, and they must be replenished. Dirty filters should be replaced, and the condition of hoses, wires, and belts must be verified periodically. With routine BMW maintenance, these matters can be addressed properly in our service center before they turn into serious repair issues.

When Does Your BMW Need Maintenance Service?

Every BMW is sold with a recommended maintenance schedule. This schedule includes major services based on mileage milestones as well as services that are required more frequently. For example, your BMW may require a tire rotation as well as a filter and oil replacement every few months depending on how frequently you drive the vehicle. Each time you bring your vehicle to our BMW service center, we will bring it up to date on recommended services. We will also tell you when to return for the next scheduled service.

Schedule BMW Service Today

Taking great care of your BMW is our top priority, and we are excited to tend to its current needs soon. Browse our list of monthly service specials and schedule BMW service near Phenix City today.

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