BMW builds great cars that last a long time. You can drive in style and complete comfort with a potent engine throttling the fun. With 2020 here, now is the best time to find a great deal on a new 2019 BMW at BMW of Columbus. If you like sporty luxury sedans and coupes, the new 2019 BMW 330i, 440i, and 530i are ideal. You also can get great savings on brand new X1, X5, and X7 BMW. The luxury SUVs have plenty of room for the whole family and will take you just about anywhere in complete luxury and style.

Why 2019 BMWs Are Great Values

One of the best times to get a great deal on a brand new car is to buy it when the next year's new models arrive in Columbus GA. You get discounted rates on brand new vehicles that enjoy factory warranty protection. Each has first-rate luxury conveniences and potent engines that get better the higher the number. If you prefer a luxury SUV over a luxury sedan, we can set you up with that, too. Lots of 2019 BMWs remain and are going at discounted rates to make room for the 2020 lineup.

Test Drive a 2019 BMW Today

The next time you are in or near the LaGrange GA area, feel free to stop by and take a 2019 BMW for a test drive. You can compare the 2019 models with the new 2020 versions and see if you really can tell if there is any difference. Most car models only undergo subtle changes from one year to the next. That makes that prior-year models still on the lot potentially great deals when the prices start to drop. Phenix City and Opelika drivers can stop in and take a BMW for a test drive or call ahead and schedule a visit. You also can schedule a visit online and let us know which models you most want to try out. Between the great deals on 2019 BMW cars and SUVs near Auburn AL and the new 2020 models arriving, we have a great car or SUV waiting for you.

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