BMW builds some of the world's best and most-revered cars. BMW's lineup for 2020 affirms the German automaker continues offering class-leading vehicles with truly all-world performance and luxury. At BMW of Columbus, we are particularly excited about BMW's new editions that include electric engines. As a world-leading builder of great cars, BMW combines luxury, performance, and styling in one great package. With the advent of electric power in the popular BMW 3-Series sedans and coupes, the options are better than ever for great luxury transportation around Phenix City or Opelika.

SUVs Go Nearly Anywhere

The 2020 BMW X5, BMW X7, and BMW X3 SUVs are particularly exciting. Most people are fully aware of the popular sedans and luxury sports models built by BMW. Many do not realize the German carmaker also builds luxury SUVs. The X-Series of SUVs provides outstanding transportation for dealing with four full seasons of weather in the LaGrange GA and Auburn AL areas. No matter the conditions outside, your X-Series SUV offers outstanding comfort, traction control, and safe travels. BMW also is adding an electric version to the 2020 lineup. That should prove particularly helpful for getting the family around town and taking the kids to and from sports events, band practices, and other outings.

Take a Test Drive Today

You do not have to wait to give the new BMW lineup a try. The next time you are in Columbus GA, you can stop by and see the many great cars and SUVs BMW offers on American shores. The new lineup delivers traditional luxury with advanced styling and even more advanced technology. Traditional petrol-powered cars get excellent fuel economy and have outstanding emissions control to help protect the environment. The new electric-powered models are a new leap forward for BMW and offer an entirely new range of potential luxury travel. With its new lineup of 2020 cars and SUVs, BMW is poised to improve your travels with a test drive today greatly.

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