Why Should You Purchase A BMW X5 over an Audi Q5?

BMW and Audi are both some of the best luxury brands on the market. You'll never falter going with any one of the stellar models they respectively produce. However, when push comes to shove BMW offers more. When you visit our Columbus dealership, you'll see for yourself why the BMW X5 outpaces the Audi Q5.

The BMW X5 SAV has an incredible capacity for muscle under the hood. In the X5 xDrive 50i model, 456 horsepower is available with a 4.6 second 0-60 MPH boost. This power far outperforms the Audi Q5 with its substantially reduced horsepower and acceleration capability.

In the technology sphere, while both the Audi Q5 and the BMW X5 offer a 12.3-inch Center Display and Digital Instrument cluster, only the BMW X5 has a safer and more convenient Head-up Display, which portrays your pertinent driving information right in front of your eyes.

Your BMW X5 is also incredibly safe, with prominent safety features in the Active Driving Assistant Pro System. This system offers:

  • Active Cruise Control
  • Active Lane Keeping Assistant with Side Collision Avoidance
  • Steering and Traffic Jam Assistant
  • Automatic Lane Change
  • And Much More

The BMW X5 also has the advantage of more passenger seating capacity, and greater cargo space capacity in a more refined interior.

It seems pretty simple to us here in Columbus, that the BMW X5 is the better option over the Audi Q5. At your leisure, we hope you visit us here at BMW of Columbus. We have BMW specials and incentives, expert financing, premium auto service, and everything you could ever need out of a dealership. We want you to enjoy everything the BMW X5 has in store for you.

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