What is BMW xDrive?

When you're looking through our new BMW inventory, you may notice the term "BMW xDrive" coming up. What is BMW xDrive? It's the special BMW version of all-wheel drive. What does all-wheel drive do? We're glad you asked.

All engines produce power, but not all engines deliver it to the same place. Your car has four wheels, but they aren't all necessarily used for driving. Front-wheel drive sends the power to only the front wheels, and rear-wheel drive sends the power to only the rear wheels. All-wheel drive sends the power to all four wheels—but not all at the same time. Rather, your BMW xDrive monitors each wheel, and distributes engine power wherever it is needed most. If one of your wheels loses traction, such as if it drives over a patch of sand or ice, its power is sent to the remaining wheels instead. This helps you stay in control when you drive, and makes your drive safer as well.

If you have any questions about BMW xDrive, or any BMW-related questions at all, we're full of answers here at BMW of Columbus. Just check out our contact page to find the best way to get in touch. We're here to help.

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